The Sea and Sustainable Gastronomy
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The Sea and Sustainable Gastronomy

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The sixth edition of the Saborea Lanzarote Food and Wine Festival, which will take place on the 26th and 27th of November in the Villa de Teguise, is a very special edition for having “The Sea and Sustainable Gastronomy” as its main theme.
It is a bet, without a doubt for the strategic promotion of Lanzarote as a destination for wine and food tourism and for the consolidation of the festival as one of the most important festivals not only in the Canary Islands but in Spain too.
The Sustainable Gastronomy is one that takes care of the essential resources and the ecosystems for the well-being of the society in the future, in addition it is considered by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Patrimony of the Towns. It is synonymous with identity, culture, care of the environment and economic benefits for communities. It is through Gastronomy that people and towns manifest their culture and identify each other, by the particular mixture of textures, flavors and ways of preparing and tasting their creations.
Sustainable Gastronomy is ultimately that sector of gastronomy in which the products consumed, in addition to being mostly ecological, have been produced by companies that manage their activity in accordance with the fundamental principle of Sustainable Development, ie the balance between economic, social and environmental factors.
Lanzarote has a historical connection with the sea and its resources. It can be said that it breathes sea in all its corners.
Fishing had and has a specific importance both for its original activity linked to the primary sector and for its tradition. Lanzarote is located in the center of a privileged marine ecosystem. Its proximity to the Canarian-Sub-Saharan fishing bank gives the island a strategic character on the Atlantic maritime map.
The fishing activity is carried out at two different and complementary levels. On the one hand is the coastal fishing, practiced by traditional crafts, by native fishermen who supply fresh fish to the local market. In this way, the restaurants of the island offer an excellent genre appreciated by its clientele. Historically they have coexisted with coastal fishing, the artisanal catch of corvina and the one destined for the wide range of salted fish characteristic of Lanzarote’s cuisine.
The cuisine of Lanzarote has been characterized since ancient times by the excellent quality of its raw materials, as well as by the simplicity of its preparations.
We invite you to visit the Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote and to enjoy our gastronomy and products.

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