Liquid Sounds 2016
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Liquid Sounds 2016

  |   Music

Liquid sounds, a musical, food and wine experience.

Liquid Sounds’ essence is to bring together in one event live music and wine tasting all paired with gastronomic delights. Enjoy an experience that involves virtually the five senses, which are in communion thanks to wine, good food, music and the good atmosphere.

As an initiative born on the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), and developed in several wineries located in La Geria, the experience gains in quality due to being able to enjoy a unique landscape in the world.

This is a very special and unique space in the world, and as such, we can only and we must respect it and care for it.

Therefore, there is no parking in the area with which to park around it becomes practically impossible. The organisers have always wanted that all those who attend these concerts enjoy the experience as much as possible, and therefore, special buses are enabled to access to the door of the enclosure, organising transfers from different parts of the island and at different times for the public, to suit the schedule that suits you. These buses will also offer a return service to those places of origin as you approach the end of the event.


On Friday the 10th, the doors will open at 19:30 and we will enjoy the music of the Gran Canarian group The Birkins presenting their third album, plus the live party band ‘Ciempiés Ni Cabeza’ and acting exclusively in the Canary Islands Supersubmarina. And to liven up the evening, we will count with the ‘DJ La Chica Millón’, LCDM, entertaining us on this first day.

At 17:00 on Saturday the 11th, music will resound in La Geria with the direct performances of the bluesy Tokyo Revolver, the fun and exotic galicians ‘The Limboos’, the French elegance of Gaspard Royant, the indie-rock of the young Irish Academic and Aurora & the Betrayers, one of the leading bands in the panorama of funk-soul in Spain.

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