Dive Puerto del Carmen
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Dive Puerto del Carmen

  |   Photography, Sport

If you still do not know the seabed of Puerto del Carmen you are very lucky because you will discover a world that you have never imagined.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island with both, a variety of landscapes under the sea and outside it, where most of its fauna hides beneath its waters.

A snorkel set is enough to discover this submerged world. The coast of Puerto del Carmen offers plenty of points to easily enter from the shore and explore. Anywhere on your coast can be interesting if the sea conditions allow it. If diving has something, is that it is an activity that is within the reach of virtually anyone, regardless of age – as long as you know how to swim. The feeling of flying over the seabed, the diversity of life forms, their colours, their behaviour, the differences from what we know on the ground, next to the spectacular underwater volcanic landscapes, make this activity unforgettable. Puerto del Carmen is the ideal place to start in this world and you can also do it as a family.

It is also a destination that the experienced diver will not get tired of repeating as the more you dive in the waters of Puerto del Carmen, the more you like it.

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