Drink driving in Lanzarote – Be aware of your alcohol limits
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Drink driving in Lanzarote – Be aware of your alcohol limits

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Drink driving is a serious offence in Lanzarote and with the Lanzarote lifestyle revolving around socialising and taking a drink or 2 with meals throughout the day and evening, you may think that Spanish laws are more relaxed than in the UK – This is not the case!  Spanish laws are actually stricter and you will often encounter control points and police checkpoints and they do not need a valid reason to stop you.

0.25mg is the legal alcohol limit in general, so there really isn’t much tolerance for drinking and driving in Lanzarote at all.  Drink driving is measured in blood alcohol, in a certain number of milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.  Initially it is measured with a breathalyser test, then a sample of urine, however it can also be checked in the saliva.  The figures are only ever a guideline and there is no safe limit or certain rule to how much you can drink before you exceed these figures.  Body weight, types of drinks consumed and the time frame spent drinking all affect the legal alcohol limits in our blood and breath so just don’t take the risk.

What with accessible and reasonably priced taxis and a very good bus service across the island, the car can really stay at home and you can relax and enjoy your holiday and not have to worry about being over the limit.

Below are Taxi numbers for different areas in Lanzarote:-

Lanzarote Airport: 928 520 176

Arrecife: 928 800 806

Haría / Órzola: 620 315 350

San Bartolomé / Playa Honda: 928 520 176

Teguise / Costa Teguise: 902 363 400 / 928 806 233

Tías / Puerto del Carmen: 928 524 220

Tinajo / La Santa: 928 840 049

Yaiza / Playa Blanca: 928 524 222

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