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Lanzarote Luxury Villas | Arrecife En Vivo Music Festival 2017
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arrecife en vivo

Arrecife En Vivo Music Festival 2017

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This fantastic live music festival in Arrecife is held on 4 consecutive Friday’s throughout September and October (22nd September, 29th September, 6th October and 13th October).  Each Friday 4 different bands play on 4 different stages around Arrecife.  The evening kicks off with the 1st band on at 18.00 pm and once the 1st band has finished, the audience follows the music with a walking band to the next location in Arrecife and again for the 3rd and 4th band.  As the evening goes on, the group gets bigger and bigger and the vibe becomes more energised.  The evening ends with a DJ set at midnight.  There are many restaurants and bars to stop for food and drinks along the way.  This truly is an event not to be missed and the best part of it all is it is absolutely free.


September 22nd
18:00 – Reducto : concert ‘Nuestra Gente Menuda’ by Cajasiete with Rock & Fun (Madrid)
19:30 – La Plazuela (Bestial Stage Print): Molina Molina (Granada)
21:00 – Charco (Pampero Scenario): The Bengal (Zaragoza)
22:30 – Marina Lanzarote : Naive New Beaters (France)
00:00 – Marina Lanzarote : We Are Not dj (Málaga) + Ulive (Lanzarote)
September 29th
18:00 – Reducto : Inadaptados (Lanzarote)
19:30 – Parque Ramírez Cerdá (Bestial Stage Print) : The Sick Boys (Barcelona)
21:00 – Puddle (Pampero Stage ): Jenny & The Mexicats (Mexico)
22:30 – Marina Lanzarote : The Whip (Manchester)
00:00 – Marina Lanzarote: DJ Serial Killerz (Barcelona) + Dsua Ill Man (Gran Canaria)
October 6th
18:00 – Reducto: Metalmorfosis (Lanzarote)
19:30 – Warehouse Square (Bestial Print Stage) : The Courettes (Denmark)
21:00 – Ramírez Cerdá Park (Pampero Stage): Brutalizzed Kids (Tenerife)
22:30 – Marina Lanzarote: Asian Dub Foundation (UK)
00:00 – Marina Lanzarote: David Kano (Madrid) + Kami Selektah (Lanzarote)
October 13th
18:00 – Charco : Tokyo Revolver (Lanzarote)
19:30 – Plaza de Las Palmas (Bestial Scenery Print): Cannibals (Madrid)
21:00 – Ramírez Cerdá Park (Pampero Scenario): Bejo (El Hierro-Madrid)
22:30 – Playa del Reducto (Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve): Fuel Fandango (Lanzarote-Cordova)
00:00 – Playa del Reducto (Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve): Elyella DJ (Madrid)
For more information please click on the link for Arrecife En Vivo website
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